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Les ateliers magies

5,0 rating
novembre 16, 2020

Nous offrons présentement les ateliers de magie en après-école avec Elvine. Les jeunes adorent ! Les ateliers sont très dynamiques, les tours sont impressionnants et les procédures pour arriver à les faire sont très claires. Que du positif!

Amélie, Centre d'appui Familial

8 year old birthday party

5,0 rating
novembre 16, 2020

Thanks so much for a great experience.  They kids really enjoyed and your energy was fun and engaging



5,0 rating
novembre 4, 2020

Thanks for making my daughter’s 5th birthday fun and memorable. The kids and adults were engaged the whole time. My favourite part, as the mom, was handing over the plans and hosting gig 🙂 Thank you!


You made it very interesting and special

5,0 rating
octobre 27, 2020

Thank You Elvine it was very well done
You engaged the kids and made it very interesting and special
Much appreciated


Thank you for the party!

5,0 rating
octobre 25, 2020

hi Elvine,
Thank you for the party!All my friends said their kids like the show very much!
We feel very happy to have a special party like this in special period!


Atelier scientifique

5,0 rating
octobre 7, 2020

La preparation, le lien avec la science était genial !
Exceptionnelle interaction avec les jeunes
Nous recommandons fortement

Centre d'appui familial

Un spectacle d’anniversaire virtuel magique!

5,0 rating
juin 20, 2020

Pour l’anniversaire de ses 6 ans, ma fille, son petit frère, leurs ami.e.s au Canada et leurs cousin.e.s en France ont passé un superbe moment! Tous réunis pour la première fois pour son anniversaire, ce fut une occasion unique de se retrouver. Elvine est plein d’énergie, il a su capter l’attention des enfants et les garder impliqués tout au long du spectacle grâce à ses tours de magie ludiques, son enthousiasme, sa bonne humeur et son humour. Il a passé des musiques que ma fille aime (demandées à l’avance) et il a fait participer tous les invités. Ce fut une très belle surprise et un beau moment de partage et de rire en ces temps de confinement compliqués pour les petits et les grands. Un très grand merci!


Professional, Friendly and entertaining

5,0 rating
mai 29, 2020

My kids had a great time with Elvine, The Fun Master’s magician.
Did a session online and they were captivated and learned quite a few magic tricks. I highly recommend The Fun Master for kids entertainment for any special event!


Amazing online party! Fantastic fun!

5,0 rating
mai 27, 2020

Elvine the Fun Master’s magic show was fantastic! We booked him for our daughter’s 4th birthday celebration, and he went above and beyond to make it a perfect party for her. He was funny, entertaining, and the online show was very interactive. Elvine did a great job leading and keeping a group of 3 and 4 year olds engaged online for a full hour. It was really fun for the kids, and fun for the parents too!
My daughter had initially been feeling sad that she could not gather with her friends in person for her birthday, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with Elvine’s magic show, my daughter had such a good time she forgot her sadness about not gathering in person, and instead talked about how wonderful the party was! I’ve also heard from some of other parents that their kids were thoroughly entertained, and some children were practicing magic tricks long after the show had ended.
I also really appreciated the fact that Elvine set up some time beforehand to talk with us, the parents, about some of our daughter’s favourite things, and then incorporated some of those things right into the show. It felt very personal and tailored just to her. My daughter noticed those details, and was very happy about that — she felt very special. Plus, Elvine handled all the tech so smoothly while doing the magic show, so we could really just relax and enjoy the show.
We would highly recommend booking Elvine — you will not regret it!


Great virtual party! Engaging and fun!

5,0 rating
mai 25, 2020

Our daughter’s party went well! The kids were engaged and the magician was entertaining! With six year olds, we thought the zoom call might not hold their attention but it did and they all appeared to be having fun. Thanks for making it a memorable party!

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