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COVID-19 Friendly Halloween

Looking for the perfect COVID-19 friendly alternative to Halloween? This pumpkin carving extravaganza is the perfect solution for you! It is creative, engaging, and fun for the whole family! Please stay safe, and remember to wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently!
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Summer Activity: Bubble Snake Creature

The bubble snake is an original idea to make this summer with your children! Create beautiful bubble snakes with water and dish soap by following our detailed DYI tutorial. This is an activity that will certainly appeal to children in this very hot weather!
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For Father’s Day, make the most beautiful garland! You don’t need much to make the most beautiful “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” garlands on Father’s Day. Get ready, fire, cut!
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Happy mother's day card with an origami dress

Mother’s day card: mom’s origami dress

Be original for Mother's Day, give her a wonderful origami card! We explain step by step how to do it.
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“Video Call Party” Your virtual Covid 19 birthday party solution!

Get in touch with real artists who offer to perform their live shows through a webcam, especially for your kids and their friends by connecting at the same time to enjoy the show and celebrate the birthday together.
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60 activities for bored kids

I'm bored, I don't know what to do....You know the drill and it's never easy to be creative and find an activity that will keep them busy. That is why we’ve created this fun and free printable with 60 ideas to give back to kids when they say "I'm bored!"
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